Welcome to crammed with heaven.org – prayer and the art of seeing!

Here I invite you to explore how giving attention to what is around us, before us and within us can be a way of living which opens us to encounter the glory of God.

Here you will find musings about prayer, reflections on spirituality and worship, explorations in spiritual theology, poetry,  attempts at practical art and, hopefully, encouragements to help you see the glory and give the attention.

Unless otherwise stated, all the photos on this site have been taken by me and all the daubings are my own.

Seeing is an intentional activity which goes far beyond ‘looking’:
• it is something we consciously decide to do
• it is something which improves with practice
• yet it is also a gift, for when we ‘get it’, when we really see, it is the grace of God which opens our eyes

I recently relaunched this site with a new appearance, new material and a renewed commitment to blog regularly and offer resources which I hope you will find both interesting and enriching.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Chris, glad I could still find crammed with heaven online. I haven’t looked through it yet, so don’t know wether you have added anything new. I hope you are enjoying your retirement, and are well. My love to you both. Ann Shaw

  2. Rev. Ellis, I encountered your website and not being religious (much) I nearly kept on surfing so to speak, but I liked your comments on “seeing” very much and I enjoyed your art and photos. In my own personal journey lately I have been focused on listening both as an interior search of self and listening to creative impulses (in my case writing), and listening to music. I don’t know about the spiritual side of it all, but I do think creativity, seeing, and listening are special gifts that strengthen our humanity. So thank you from a high school English teacher in Connecticut; you have given me food for thought.

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