Personal Prayers

Open, O doors and bolts of my heart,

that Christ, the King of Glory, may come in.

Come, O Christ my light, and illumine my darkness.

Come, my Life, and revive me from death.

Come, my Physician, and heal my wounds.

Come, Flame of divine love, and burn up the thorns of my sins.

kindling my heart with the flame of your love.

For you alone are my King and my Lord.

            St Dimitrii of Rostov

O Lord our God,

grant us grace to desire you with our whole heart;

that so desiring, we make seek and find you;

and so finding, may love you;

and so loving, may hate those sins

from which you have delivered us;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

             Anselm of Canterbury

Holy God,

I present my body to you as a living sacrifice,

holy and acceptable, my spiritual worship.

Strengthen me today,

that I might not be conformed to this world,

but transformed by the renewing of my mind,

that I may discern your will –

what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Help me Lord,

make my love genuine;

hating evil and holding fast to what is good.

By your Spirit, open my heart to the risen Lord Jesus,

that I might bless those who persecute me,

rejoice with those who rejoice

and mourn with those who mourn.

Do not let me repay anyone evil for evil,

but make me an instrument of the peace of Christ,

in  whose name I pray.

         Based on Romans 12

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