Chris’ Publications

Here is a fairly full list of Chris’ publications


Books authored


Approaching God: A Guide for Worship Leaders and Worshippers
Canterbury Press 2009


Gathering: Theology and Spirituality in Worship in Free Church Tradition
SCM Press 2004


Baptist Worship Today
Baptist Union of Great Britain 1999

Together on the Way: A Theology of Ecumenism
British Council of Churches 1990

Books edited

Gathering for Worship: Patterns and Prayers for the Community of Disciples

Baptist Union of Great Britain and Canterbury Press 2005


Patterns and Prayers for Christian Worship
Baptist Union of Great Britain and Oxford University Press 1991


Journal articles and edited book contributions


Entries on ‘Celebration’, ‘Conviction’, Symbol’ & ‘Thanksgiving’ in

Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
edited by G.G. Scorgie, S. Chan, G.T. Smith & J.D. Smith III
Zondervan 2011


‘Gathering around the Word: Baptists, Scripture and Worship’ in

The ‘Plainly Revealed’ Word of God?: Baptist Hermeneutics in Theory and Practice
edited by Helen Dare and Simon Woodman
Mercer University Press 2011


‘Written Prayers in an Oral Context: Transitions in British Baptist Worship’ in
The Collect in the Churches of the Reformation

edited by Bridget Nichols
SCM Press 2010


‘Being a Minister: Spirituality and the Pastor’ in
Challenging to Change: Dialogues with a Radical Baptist Theologian
edited by P.J. Lalleman
Spurgeon’s College, London, 2009

‘Embodied Grace: Exploring the Sacraments and Sacramentality’ in
Baptist Sacramentalism 2

edited by A.R. Cross & P.E. Thompson,
Paternoster 2008


‘The Missionary Imperative: Baptist Spirituality and the Gathering Church’ in
Under the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality

edited by P. S. Fiddes
Smyth and Helwys 2008


‘Understanding Worship: Trends and Criteria’ & ‘Worship at the Heart of Life’ in
Currents in Baptistic Theology of Worship Today

edited by K. G. Jones & P. R. Parushev
International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague 2007

‘British Baptist Worship’ in
The Oxford History of Christian Worship
edited by Geoffrey Wainwright and Karen Westerfield Tucker
Oxford University Press 2006


‘Baptist Worship and Identity’ in
Review and Expositor 100.3,  2003

‘The History of Baptist Worship’ in
The New Dictionary of Christian Liturgy and Worship
edited by Paul Bradshaw
SCM Press 2002


‘The Baptism of Disciples and the Nature of the Church’ in
Dimensions of Baptism: Biblical and Theological Studies
edited by S.E. Porter and A.R. Cross
Sheffield Academic Press 2002

‘A View from the Pool’,
a paper on sacramental theology presented at a WCC Faith and Order consultation (Prague 2000) and reprinted in The Baptist Quarterly 2001

‘Believer’s Baptism and the Sacramental Freedom of God’ in
Reflections on the Water

edited by P.S. Fiddes
Regent’s Park College, Oxford & Smyth & Helwys Publications 1996


‘Baptism and the Liberation of the Church’ in
The Baptist Quarterly


Various hymns, including three in Baptist Praise and Worship (1991), five in the New Start Songbook, Churches Together in England & Kevin Mayhew (1999) and various other publications.


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