In my Head

In my head,
my jogging becomes a run,
bounding over ditches
and crossing the finishing line
well ahead of the field.

In my head,
my waistline diminishes,
I watch only the news on TV
and always work effectively.

In my head,
I think creatively,
wait patiently
and love constantly.

In my head,
I practise relentlessly,
exercise regularly
and pray constantly.

In my heart,
the butterfly flits,
distractions distract
and the compass needle spins.

In my heart,
sloth slides onto the sofa
and tomorrow never comes.

Lord, renew my heart
and direct my thoughts,
through Jesus Christ my Lord – really…

Christopher J Ellis

7 thoughts on “In my Head

  1. Thanks Chris for expressing so eloquently in words what I wold love to be able to express. As you write so often I think in my head but rarely manage to achieve in reality. I am that Olympian on the Wii fit and yet so often flitting here and there and not achieving very much!

  2. This was a timely poem for me to read as I try, maybe fruitlessly, to write my very first sermon. I appreciate your calm approach to what is often running hysterically through my mind.

  3. I really like this poem. Anyone have any idea if the author would object to it being posted in my classroom in the coming Fall school term? I teach high school sophomores across the “pond.”

    1. Hi Valerie. Unless I attribute something to anyone else, everything has been written by me. But your comment has prompted me to sign poems, prayers and hymns for the sake of clarity. So thank you. I am very happy for you to reproduce this for non commercial purposes so long as you attribute authorship and source thus:

      Christopher J Ellis

      Thank you (and apologies for the delay!)

      1. Thank you. I will use it either when I am teaching EMily Dickinson or at the end of the year when we do a poetry project. If you like I will let you know how it went.

  4. Dear Reverend Ellis,
    I used your poem in class the other day as an execise in thinking and critical reading. It went well, I think. (I wrote 5-6 questions to accompany the poem and asked students to answer them.). I would be happy to forward their responses to you if you like. If so, I would scan them but would need an email or address to send them to. Once again thanks for allowing me to use it in class. Sincerely, Val

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